March 23, 2012

A little bit awkward, a little bit awesome.

So it's Friday but this week has been nice and awkwardly awesome. I figure we can just add to the awkward by posting awkward and awesome Thursday on Friday, right?

1. The phrase, "We need to talk." It doesn't matter when or how but this phrase is just always awkward.
2. Outfit pictures. Holey Cow. I know that every fashion blogger ever probably has commented on how awkward they can be but seriously folks! I felt so silly doing them!

1. My first guest and outfit post all in one! [Check it out here.]
2. Best friend's who lovingly offer to take awkward outfit photos for you. Thanks for that. They were awesome and you made me giggle through the whole thing. I'm so lucky!
3. Momma winning tickets to an NBA game. So fancy! And so excited for her! Wooo!
4. Days off where you lay around and read books, being lazy allllll day. Absolute perfection!
5. The little blogging community. I just am so thankful I started this little babe last year. Lovelovelove.
6. A lovely weekend full of relaxing plans with some of my favorite senior girls :)

8. New songs! Carrie Underwood's Good Girl- check. it .out.

Hope you're Friday is spectacularly awkward and awesome.

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