March 25, 2012


This weekend I spend most of my days being a little bit lazy. I had a ton of homework to do so [of course] instead I spend quite a bit of time being lazy and simply relaxing. I need to remind myself to do that more often, it was lovely.

I also got the chance to hangout with some wonderful Ladies at our Women's Retreat this weekend. It was wonderful. Jesus, pinterest crafts, dance parties and snacks what more could a girl ask for really?

Senior Girls.

Our craft table.

"Don't be like the rest of them, darling." idea via pinterest.

"Love Always." canvas I made.

After our lovely Women's Retreat I got to attend a.... wait for it: Quidditch Match. Quidditch as in Harry Potter. One of the girls I work with is on our school team so we went to support her in the tournament.

Swamp Cup.

They had real hoops.

We played our own little game.

We're obviously fantastic at it.

Official fields.

This shirtless man was the snitch. And the "snitch" part was his tail looking thing. I die.

First Place trophy.

Second Place Trophy.

Official Quidditch Sign, you can't beat that.
Made out of duct tape and all.

After this lovely sporting event some friends got together to cheer on our Gators in the Elite 8 Game!

Unfortunately we didn't quite pull through. It was a little bit sad if we're being honest. In all kinds of weather, Go Gators! But it was fun to watch the game together :)

Overall a good [although not productive] weekend. But I have to say, is it summer yet?

Here's to good weekend's all around!
xoxo, Lo

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