May 26, 2012

In my Head.

I have this habit of retreating into my head. All the time really. If you met me you would label me an extrovert. I love people. I'm social. I love making friends of all kinds and hearing stories. And loving people. And caring about them. But at the core of it, I'm an introvert. I live in my head. I spend so much time in my head actually that it probably would be frightening for most. At the end of most discussions I'm exhausted simply because I've fought myself to say all the millions of words that are running through my head at most times. This can be a good or bad thing depending on who you talk to. But I can't help but think that it can be horribly dangerous sometimes. If left to my own devices I can convince myself of all types of things. And it all is perfectly logical and real to me. When I really don't know all the facts. Or I ignore some of them. And only use the evidence that I pick and choose to use [I'm pretty sure this is exactly what college has taught me to do though!].

 It's day's like this that it's probably a little dangerous for me to live so much in my head, I think too quickly really. A little pinterest, some dress up and a night of chick flicks and painting nails. That's about all I can picture right now. Or a trip. I could happily do that right? 

Here's to a lovely Evening. 
xoxo, Lo 

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