July 17, 2012

Long Hot Summer

I can't believe summer's almost over. I feel like I've done so much and yet nothing at all.

Highlights to Date:
Best Friend turned 21.
Best Friend skydived as her gift we got her!
Read a ton of books.
Decided I don't like online classes.
Spent the last [possibly] 6 weeks that I will ever live at home with my favorites.
MOVED into my first all by myself apartment.
Started a new job for said apartment.
Apparently lost my camera cord? I'm hoping that shows up. Then I can add real pictures!

I have so many things left on my to-do list this summer. Along with tons on my Senior [Or graduate year, whatev's] bucket list. No pressure right? Here's to hoping I can get it done!

Happy Tuesday.
xoxo, Lo


  1. Congrats on moving into a place all your own! I haven't ever lived alone but I secretly wished I would have before I got married. Enjoy the space!

    1. That makes me feel good! I love it but sometimes it's so weird not having roommates like everyone else does! xoxo.


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