July 23, 2012


Good news? Found my camera-transfer-cord thing! Woooo! Bad News? I went home for a lovely break this weekend and left my computer charger. Sigh. Sometimes. Luckily in this fancy new job I have my very own office right next to my very own apartment. And it has it's very own computer for me to use. Unfortunately I don't have my own computer to upload anything to. Or do any homework on. Or watch movies on. Or stalk pinterest on. Sigh. I'm being pitiful. Two weeks. That's all. Then I can do homework and surf the web from the comfort of my very own couch again. I'm hoping I can borrow a charger before I see the fam again and they bring it. 

Aside from that the weekend was spectacular. Celebrated the Father's Birthday by a trip to our little hometown cafe. Saw my best friend. And watched many many chick flicks with my favorite family members ever. 

Hope everyone else had a wonderful [and better ending] weekend!

Happy Monday!


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