August 2, 2012


Tomorrow's my 22nd birthday. If we're being really honest? I really don't like my birthday. It's my very  least favorite fake holiday. This dislike is not to be confused with other people's birthday's. I love love love other people's birthday's. They are so much more fun to plan! And even if I'm stressed out about the planning at the end it always works out and they are so happy it's worth every second. I don't know how I missed that gene but I did. I try every year to really enjoy birthday week. But it just never seems to work out that way. 

But this year I think it's all gonna work out. Now, don't get me wrong, I've already cried and thrown myself a little [ okay a decent sized ] pity party over this whole shindig. But ya know what? It's my birthday. I just wanna spend it with the people I like. And if everyone's not happy? Ya know, it's not their birthday. It's mine. And I'm gonna enjoy every.single.second. 

Looking forward to this tomorrow! 

Happy Thursday {and almost birthday!}
xoxo, Lo 

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