August 1, 2012

Wish I Were Here Wednesday.

As I went to type out a wish I were there post I realized something. I don't wanna be anywhere else really. I know, I know. Shocker. Don't worry I was surprised too. 

Okay let's backtrack. I'm in the process of moving {yuck}, but what it really means is that I get to start all over and decorate/organize/rearrange a whole new place! This makes my little heart so happy. I can rearrange and decorate to my heart's content! I've been in a temporary apartment for 6 weeks so it didn't really make sense to get too cozy. It was only 6 weeks. But at the same time it was six weeks. I'm so excited to finally decorate and put something fun on the walls! 

Some of the ideas I'm toying with. I'll make sure to take before and after pictures. It's gonna be a perfectly lovely little space. I. Can't. Wait! 

For more fun ideas follow me on pinterest. I promise that's where I get all my inspiration these days. 
Happy Hump Day! 

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