June 22, 2013

A little boy named Francis.

Today was any normal day in Africa [that would be a whole other post]. I went to school, played with kids, met with the headmaster, and then had a simple conversation over lunch. I asked Uncle Fred if he knew why Francis the street boy was not in our school yet. He seemed confused and had no idea who Francis was. I went into detail describing what he was wearing when I last saw him and Fred had no idea who he was. Thank you Lord for a camera and my love of taking pictures! I had taken a picture of him when he came to the house last week. And it became clear that he was homeless, alone, smart and that Uncle Fred had never met him. Uncle Fred's solution to this was to take a walk in Lira and find him. So we did. We walked the streets of Uganda looking for this sweet boy with an infectious smile. I can honestly say it's the hardest I've ever prayed to date. We walked around Lira Town showing his picture to all the street boys we saw. I had complete faith that we would find him. 

And then we didn't. 

We walked all over Lira Town and never once saw him, but asked so many to pass on that Uncle Fred was looking for him. I can't begin to tell you how discouraged I was when we headed back towards the house, 2 hours later completely empty handed. But God I really thought this was you. I thought you'd help us find him. I really asked Jesus! Didn't you hear me? 

We got back to Uncle Fred's house to find Francis sitting along the wall in the compound. He'd been there about an hour and a half. 

Isn't that so like God? We doubt. I doubt. I don't understand. And just because it doesn't look like I think it should it doesn't work. But when has the creator of the universe ever needed my opinion?

We sat down with Francis and Uncle Fred asked him about his story. Francis is an orphan because of Joseph Kony and the LRA (Lord's Rebellion Army), his parents where killed when he was 3. Already the miracle on Francis' life was beginning because though he was forced to live on the streets by himself at such a young age he wasn't a child soldier. Isn't that irony? Francis is living in a place where being homeless and on the streets alone at 3 is better than the alternative. He's been living on the streets 8 years. Until today.  When Uncle Fred asked him what he wanted. Until today when we loaded Francis up in the truck. Took him to the SGU children's village and suddenly he has a home, food, clothing, water, shelter and quite an extensive family. 

Here's to God's timing. 


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