June 25, 2013

Rats on rats on rats.

Fair warning: This post is about rats. Rats as in the creepy crawly rodents that live everywhere around the globe.

Today was like most days I've spent in Africa. I woke up, went to school, taught children, played with children, laughed and laughed and laughed over the most ridiculous things, cabbage fights included. But today as I was at school teaching young children in p.2 [basically like second grade] how to do puzzles outside in the breezeway a kid yelled "Rat!". Well, me being me I got up real quick like. Turns out the thing I saw running across the clay and dirt was about an inch and a half long with a tail. And you know what? It was stinkin' cute. Yep, you heard it here: CUTE. And so obviously the creature being that cute I corrected the student and said, "Oh, it's a mouse!" Well let me just tell you: I was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. It was in fact a baby rat. Thus began my struggle of the day. That little baby rat was cute, little, looked harmless. But where three cute baby rats are there must be big momma rats. Let me preface this with the fact that I did not ever see Mom rat [thank you sweet Lord Jesus]. But through this whole conversation about the baby rat some of the boys in my class jumped up and decided to handle the rat like they handle rats in Uganda. They stomped on it. They stomped on the rat. The baby rat. And then it died. I was completely out of words. These small boys stomped on two of these baby rats and killed them. I couldn't even handle it and walked to the teacher's room to take many deep breaths. They killed that baby rat, boom! Just like that. The third baby rat was pecked to death my a chicken. This is real people. This is my current life.  And by the third one I was cheering the chicken on. You know why? Because cute tiny rats grow into big ugly rats that chew your face off. And I am so not about that life. So ya know what? Sorry I'm not sorry little rats, sorry I'm not sorry. Moral of the story is: stay far away from cute little rats. 

Hope your day wasn't as weird! 


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