June 22, 2013

This time for Africa.

I wish I could upload pictures. And I wish I had better control of my words today. Today I woke up [as I have the past three weeks] in Uganda. To the sound of women talking in a language that I completely don't understand. To the sound of a little two year-old screaming "mom! mom! mom!" again and again and again. Today I woke up tired. In so very many ways it is no different than waking up in America [well, minus the screaming child]. I took a deep breath, got dressed, and began the day. Except today I played and ran and sang and laughed and laughed with new friends. With children who were once living on the street because they had no one or no one wanted them. Today I hugged little girls with bald heads and said I love you to little boys who love having their picture taken. Today I held hands and skipped through a farm. In so many ways life here has become very normal. In so many ways I can't wait to see my family and hug them. But I sure will say, I love hugging those kids.

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