August 18, 2017

That one time my bestie got Engaged.

This engagement story was months and months in the making. Keith and I sat at Thanksgiving planning the idea and discussing timing months and months before Lauren had any clue he would pop the question. Then I got to surprise my best friend by not going to Uganda but instead arriving in London to be there as Keith proposed. 

We were on the beautiful Millennium Bridge watching and waiting for Lauren + her family to walk across. I used every Jane Bond skill I had to be the lookout for Keith. We even dodged the group of drag queens to get the good photos. 

But to see the look on her face when she realized that Keith was in London and down on one need when he was supposed to be in the States was amazing and worth it and perfect. And then when she saw me and started crying all over again, well that was just the icing on a perfectly happy cake.

London is beautiful.

Millennium Bridge where Keith proposed to Lauren.

Millennium Bridge where Keith proposed to Lauren.

Millennium Bridge where Keith proposed to Lauren.

They're engaged!

The moment Lauren realized I wasn't in Uganda but was standing right there.

Beautiful Location.

Selfies + Lookout for when Lauren was coming.

Sunset over Millennium Bridge.

Legit took this photo to see if they were coming across the bridge.

Millennium Bridge.

Millennium Bridge.

With Keith before he popped the question to Lauren.

St. Peter's.

Walking to the locale where Keith proposed to Lauren.

Proposal, including dashing around randoms on the bridge.

I'm so thankful that I was able to spend those few days in London with some of my favorite people, even if it meant ugly crying part two as we said goodbye again.

August 17, 2017

London Calling Pt 2.

There's so many photos it took two posts. Well two really long posts, truly it should've been a week long series but hey whatevs. 

London is seriously beautiful. I still can't get over it looking at photos. Regardless of where I am, but especially as I sit and type this in the heat of Uganda, London seems like a dream.

I'm obsessed with the architecture, the history, the people, the greenery and the entire vibe of the city, even if I did spend a good part of these photos touristing it up. LET ME LIVE MY LIFE OKAY.

Seriously counting down the days until I get to go back and wander around this gorgeous city some more.