December 28, 2016

18 days.

18 days. It seems like SO MANY DAYS when I think about convincing myself to workout yet no time at all when thinking about moving my life across the globe. Funny how life happens like that huh?

In 18 days I'll be embarking on an adventure that has been 18 months in the making [and probably so much longer if we're being honest]. 

18 days until I get on a plane and fly half way across the world to live in a place and with people that part of my heart has probably been living with since 2013. This is probably the part where I wax something poetic about how this will change my life and is something I've been wanting to go back and do every single day since I last left Uganda. And while that would partly be true I think this space should be nothing more than the safest and most honest place I can create for myself. And while part of me is THRILLED to be going that's also covered up with the excitement that I get an additional week off as my colleagues head back to work next week (Sorry guys!) and the fact that part of this is simply INSANE. [How's that for a little honesty?]

In 2013 I took my first trip to Uganda with Saving Grace in Uganda. I can write and say how I loved it, how the people were genuinely the nicest I'd ever met and the country was absolutely beautiful but that's only part of the story. That summer in Uganda grew and stretched me like never before. I was in a new unknown place, homesick for the familiar, my family, and a working toilet. Just getting through simple chores seemed like an all day task (Let me just tell you, the things I would have done for some greasy fast food American pizza- I seriously need a Savior). Yet in the midst of it I was surrounded by these kids and a community that radiated joy, that offered to pray for me (who's really being ministered to here folks?) and loved on this silly little muno (white person) who was so out of her comfort zone. Every day in Uganda was a constant surprise and after being trapped in the Airport a few extra days in 2013 I can tell you that I thought the last words out of my mouth would be a desire to go back. Yet Jesus is leading me to nothing less. 

Which brings us back to 18 days. 18 days until I really am going on this adventure. I'm thrilled, expectant, hesitant, and full of nightmares where I forget to bring sunscreen; being pale is hard y'all. 

Saving Grace in Uganda//2013