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One time I listened to the first ever episode of a podcast where the women took over a minute to introduce themselves. I relate with that on a personal level. 

Hi! My name is Laura, for four seconds in college my group of friends called me Lo and I personally love it and wish it would stick. So welcome! I'm Lo, a twenty-something who was living and working in Uganda, Africa. I'm back in O R L, F L (for now). I'm passionate about Jesus, making a difference, Africa, sarcasm and tacos. I write about the random, mundane and literally insane things that happen to all twenty-somethings. I'm passionate about having a corner of the internet that's as real as can be. I believe we aren't authentic enough and want a place where honesty reigns even [or especially] if it's not pretty. 

I'm a serial organizer and will create things to organize or make lists about when I'm stressed. I love my cat, target and margaritas in that order.  

Find me on Instagram + let's be friends!

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