January 20, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

So this idea was nabbed from the lovely Syd over at The Daybook. Every Thursday she posts some awkward's and awesome's. Sooooo here we go!

- Running into people you used to be best friends with on campus. (key word being "used") yikes!
- Having meaningful, heartfelt conversations with the girls on my floor... in the bathroom (really?! it couldn't happen in a place where I'm NOT wearing a bathrobe!?)
- People assuming that any guy you happen to be talking to or eating with on campus you're with... sorry folks but ewwwww!
- Walking into the wrong classroom... when it's FULL of people... no worries, I haven't been at this school for, ya know 3 years or anything...

- Having wonderful night's with amazing friends and making the most lovely cupcakes with homemade icing YESSS! (which I didn't even get a picture of!)
- Watching "The Social Network" with said friends, wooowza! Talk about crazy stuff!
- Going to a Basketball game! Huuurraayyy!
- Signing up for a spring break cruise... to COZUMEL with some of absolutely the most amazing people in the world!
- Eating a home cooked meal for $3! Us college folks don't always get that kind of luxury on the daily ya know..
- Opening and using my new set of lovely blank notecards. Yay for snail mail!

Hope you are having a lovely awkward and awesome Thursday! :)
Make sure to share your awkward and awesome's below! I'd luhhhhhhhhveee to hear them :)

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