January 11, 2011

Not quite Reality.

So i'm cured! Well maybe not quite, but I'm back at school and back in class. I did promise my dear momma that I wouldn't be social just yet and have been back in my room and going to bed early every night this week! Here here! I'm kind of proud of myself...now if only I could be productive with the homework that is quickly and quietly building up.

I've also noticed since i've been back on campus that there are a TON of people at this here school. I mean i've always heard that we have 50,000 students (that's JUST STUDENTS! ekkkk!) on campus but after Christmas Holidays and then a week of quarantine there just seems to be a ton of people on campus. That picture is of my actual campus... in just one of the plazas. so. many. people. my poor little eyeballs can barely take it all in!

Oh well, back to Reality I guess.

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