January 24, 2011


This weekend was... interesting to say the least. There was good news and silly laughter and some sad news (see Prayers Appreciated). But I have to say overall it was a pretty sweet weekend. I got to spend some good time with some lovely friends, and go on a few silly adventures likeeee for the lovely shoes below. Vibram FiveFinger. Craaazyyyy stuff folks! My bestest friend wanted to get some so we went on an adventure andddd Waaala! She ended up buying some.. and making me try some on. I have to say I'm kind of thinking about them now. Even though they look silly I think that I'm starting to get the brillance of them. Ekkkkkkk! Who'd have thought they would make a believer out of me? :)


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  1. I'm so sorry about your grandma :( You'll definitly be in my prayers!

    These shoes are crazy! I've seen them advertised, but I'm on the fence. Haha. They're so crazy looking!!


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