June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome's.

- The Casey Anthony trial and how it is absolutely EVERYWHERE. Dear network television, I just want to watch normal TV again, kay? Thanks.
- People texting you incomplete information. Example: Them: "Hey you should come hangout with us tonight, we're all getting together at my place." Me: "Okay, well I 'm with some people right now but we'll see? Where are ya'll?" Them: "Small Town." Me: ".... okayy well have fun..." How do you respond to that haha?
- When you go to the dentist only to get to the door to have a "Advanced Dental has filed for Ch. 7 Bankrupy?" Are you kidding me? Ashton Kutcher am I being punked? Cause this is not happening. I'm so glad that here in America, people don't have to call to tell their customers that they are broke. Awesome.

- 3. Day. Weekend's.
- Walking into work, no matter you're mood and having tons of hugs from cute little 6 year olds.
- Cloudy days when you can play outside without sweltering in 100 degree heat.
- Hanging out with your best friend.
- Having a best friend who lets you be grouchy no matter what.
- Having some really wonderful suggestions for a 21st birthday party! Thank you. Really :)
- It being Thursday, cause tomorrow is Friday!

And in preparation for tomorrow being Friday, here's a lovely video. Sorry this will be in your head all day. But it's funny and makes me laugh. Enjoy!
xoxo, Lo

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