July 21, 2011

awkward and awesome's

Today I wish I were funny. But I'm honestly not feeling it. Luckily my kids at camp are. I mean it may not be awkward but it was funny. And it's a story I'd like to be able to remember weeks and weeks from now when I'm knee deep in school work.

The Story.

So today one of my boys [one is unfortunately in trouble quite a bit] got upset and punched a little 5-year old girl in the face. Problem. He went straight to the office and we tried to figure out what had happened and why he had done it. This is the bad part of the story, poor girl was so surprised she burst right into tears. Funny side: One of the other little boys [a witness] came running up to tell me what had happened "the real version" as he called it. He runs up and yells "Did you call the Jail!? He's going to jail. You can't hit girls! He hit her and now he's going to jail." This little one was so serious and told the troublemaker that from the very start. Even though it was bad I seriously love my kids. I'm glad he's learned that lesson now. He came up later and asked if we'd called the Jail yet and if our timeout kid was going there yet. Love those kids.

Hope there's awkward and awesomeness in your day.
xoxo, Lo

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