July 17, 2011


Is it really bad that I don't know where my camera is? Or that I went away this weekend to see some of my absolute favorite people ever and didn't take one single picture? I've really got to get on this. How am I supposed to document my life with no pictures? Boring, I tell you. I've become boring.

But I can promise it was a seriously good weekend.

Late night girl talks.
Midnight wal-mart adventures.
Reunited with the Gang.
Perfect dinners.
Lazy afternoons.
Painting nails.
Staying up 'til 4am talking.
Being silly.
Friends who love you even when you're grouchy.
Seeing my second family.
Wedding Showers.
Girls soccer World Cup.
Flying Pillows.
Sunday Church.
Quaint Lunches.
Thrift shopping.

Love my friends.

I'll post pictures once I get some.
xoxo, Lo

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