September 3, 2011

A little bit of life.

So I still owe a real update once I find that darned camera charger but here's a few things that have happened.

1. Moving. Here we go Senior Year!
2. Training, training, training for the job.
3. Staff bonding.
4. Laughing.
5. Beginning my internship in a second grade classroom.
6. Birthday's [Mine too but I can't upload pictures yet!- soon to come]

So here's a crash course summary in photos.

[how one of the guys on staff accidentally threw away an elevator key]

Searching for the missing key.

Trash on the ground. And hopefully a key?

Early Sunday Mornings during training. creativitycreativitycreativity.

Staff bonding with togas. Bam.

Training is rough. We're such a good staff.

It's good to be back.

"Nasty inside do not move!"
Sooo of course....

Attempted moving. lovemystaff.

So for the time being all I have is Ipod photos. Which I need to remember to bring with me places for that purpose. Here's to hoping that I remember!
xoxo, Lo

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