October 20, 2011

And it's Just another Thursday

Today was one of those funny days. I had an adorable and funny (if I do say so myself) post planned out all in my head, so ready to be used. Then I went to lunch. Now, lunch is one of those awkward things. Lunch can be wonderful and with people you love.

I also think it's the most used meal/time to meet up with people in an awkward situation. Example A: Today. I had lunch with a guy I used to date. Let me be suuuper honest right now: He is Hot. Said it. Done. He is one good looking guy but it didn't work out. We had very different beliefs in the long run. Read: I love Jesus, he loves beer. So obviously that wasn't workin out in the long run. But we got lunch since we were good friends before we dated. It was nice. Polite. A little bit strange. And a little big awkward. And then I was confused. He's grown up quite a bit in a year [Sidenote- He also has a girlfriend, so it's not like it would ever ever work out anyway], I mean he still doesn't really love Jesus but he has grown up. Read: He doesn't love beer AS much. All I could think after lunch was dang. Dang. Dang. Dang.

I had to [Read: Have to] remind myself of my priorities. And how I don't want a guy with only that focus. And of that song by Sara Groves "What I thought I wanted". What I THOUGHT I wanted. Not what I really want.

Okay, good reminder.
Hope you've had a REAL awkward and awesome Thursday!
xoxo, Lo

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