March 28, 2017

Awkward + Awesome + How I Accidentally Got Someone Arrested

  • A weekend away and getting to see other parts of Uganda. I like Lira but there is so much here not seeing it is a waste. 
  • Pringles at same grocery store. 
  • Swimming pools where you kick off and side doesn't wiggle. [My first swimming pool experience here was basically a hole with a tarp in it, when you pushed off the side the whole rubbery thing moved. Shiver. It was awful.]
  • Live music and fun restaurants! 
  • Getting to help homeschool some friend's kids this week. I forgot how much fun teaching can be! 
  • Instant mashed potatoes and making them in a mug. It's like a microwave mug cake except not at all. But still super awesome. 
  • Cinnamon Rolls that are as big as your face and only cost $0.43 in American Dollars. Holla. 
  • Running and playing and listening to the giggles of little ones at SGU.

Driving over the Nile River. 

Nile River.

Pool Life.

These faces.


  • The bathroom in our hotel room in Gulu. Seriously. You'd sit on the toilet and your knees hit the wall. Ummmm what? Picture below for evidence because seriously it was unbelievable, even for Uganda. 
  • Trying to turn on the shower in the hotel room and instead having water come out of the sink but never out of the shower head. Okay that's cute. 
  • My normal footpaths become overcome with mud after it rains so I walk them like I'm on a balance beam just praying I don't fall flat on my face in front of 293849 Ugandans [who would laugh, understandably]. 
  • Ugly crying basically anywhere in Uganda because these people don't often have emotions like that: awesome. 
  • And for my most awkward Ugandan moment to date: Accidentally getting someone arrested. Yes this is real. I'll be here all month folks. So for a little context. When our NGO president was here in January he discovered that I'm an organizer at heart (this includes color coordinating but hey that skill isn't in demand in Uganda) so he so kindly ordered a dresser to be built for my stay here so that I don't have to live out of suitcases [Seriously isn't that the sweetest? Cue Tears right?] Well, he ordered it and put a down payment on it before he left in January it's now nearing the end of March and I still have not seen this dresser. We stop by the workshop frequently but mysteriously the guy building it hasn't been there this is my shocked voice. [Read: It's easy to see the Mzungu coming from a mile away to have friends cover for you.] The last time Fred and I went to check on it Fred told him if it doesn't done when we came back he was involving the police. Fast forward TWO MORE WEEKS and we go back to... nothing. So Fred says he'll handle it. I go out to the village to work and continue on with my day. Oh Uganda. It's such a fun place. Fred comes out to the village later only to inform me that he was late because HE HAD RODGERS ARRESTED WHAT. So he gets the officers to arrest Rodgers and then leaves him there for a majority of the day. Only to then go bail him out and drive him back to the workshop himself all the while discussing how he can't lie to people and he needs to have this piece done by Thursday at 4pm or he's having him arrested again and this time taking him to court and not bailing him out. 
  •  So how is that story my fault you ask? Well it partially just isn't cause he didn't do his job. But it also is because I woke up yesterday realizing I have four weeks left before I'm gone for a month. Four Weeks. And if I don't push for this now we may never see it and the money will just be lost. So I mentioned to Fred that we need to get serious. And serious it got. 
One of the most bizarre bathrooms I've ever been in. That towel is sitting on the toilet. Yes that space for legs and bodies is RIDICULOUSLY small. 

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