March 9, 2017

To be Thankful.

So I’m totally digging this weekly thankful thing. Because honestly? Sometimes it’s a whole lot easier [if you know me you can fill in the word I deleted there ;)] to wallow, and complain, and be completely irritated with the 1,348,962 things that don’t make sense here every day. So some weeks finding things to be thankful for is a stretch. But it’s always a good one. It makes me search through the mundane and see God in all the little moments that He provides me with.
  • DRIVING. I got to drive people! I missed it and the sense of freedom it gives! Now it’s still absolutely terrifying to drive on any highway here but that’s mostly because traffic laws are more suggestions and less laws.
  • I’m thankful for a weekend road trip with friends! To be doing it in Uganda and driving to a brand new city to explore makes it even better.
  • For serious quiet time with Jesus. He is so good and teaching me so much. Even when I really honestly don’t want to learn but want to find a good ole home in America to crash in.
  • Friends you haven’t run into in town in a while that give really epic hugs. All the hugs I get here are for “greetings” and are half assed at best. [It’s true, sorry!] 
  •  A country that straight up shuts down for International Women’s Day, and gives you a weekend day on a Wednesday!
  • The most eclectic collection of music that plays everywhere and anywhere in Uganda.
  •  Prayer warriors and friends who tell you all the honest truths + some really funny happenings from home. 


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