July 27, 2017

Safari Bound

Today I'm still ridiculously thankful my family has been in country for a week. And that we get to go on Safari together! And that they're here close enough to my birthday to celebrate a little. Party party people. Here's to hoping we see some of the sights we got to see when the team was here in June! 

Safari Selfie.

Close up of the Lions.


Safari Selfie.

Boating down the Nile River with Bella.

Boating on the Nile River.

Lions are under that bush- we were all excited.
Safari Life.

Cruising the Nile River
Left to Right: Hannah, Me, Bella.

Baboons Wandering.
Murchison Falls. 
 So excited to spend this weekend Safari-ing with my absolutely favorite people! 

July 26, 2017

As of Late

When you don't have words but have taken roughly 230840328740 pictures since January. Here's a little bit of what's happened but may not have been posted in the last few months.

Oh Uganda.

July 25, 2017

Awkward + Awesome

  • When the pantless man around town that you've dubbed Red Shirt Man suddenly acquires a brown shirt instead. WHAT. 
  • When you have to give greetings on Sunday afternoon. Which is your lazy day. Which means you don't have real clothes on. Awesome. 
  • When you spend a serious amount of time wondering if your co-worker is pregnant. Are you? Aren't you? Some things are taboo across alllll cultures. 
  • Awkward small talk on a SIX HOUR CAR RIDE. Jesus be near.
  • Getting all prepped for your family's arrival only to have it delayed. YAY AIRLINES. 

  • Quick phone calls with your best friend that make it seem like you aren't half way across the world. 
  • People who know you + love you even when you feel funky and blehh. 
  • My family being IN UGANDA WITH ME. 
  • Togetherness with the family. 
  • Safari and a mini- vacay for me/big vacay for the family!
  • Early birthday celebrations when I've never really gotten birthday month before. 
  • Boomerangs with the cutest kids on the planet. No, I'm not biased at all. 

Here's to being awkward + awesome always.

July 21, 2017


Sometimes travel comes in the form of a lovely trip you never intended to take. That's exactly how I had the opportunity to explore Entebbe, Uganda. After missing my flight the first time I was in Uganda I got to the airport SEVEN HOURS EARLY to catch this flight. [Paranoid much?]

As I sat there I look up and realize the status of my flight has changed. cancelled. I honestly wasn't so thrilled. I wanted to be home. I did the planning. I missed the people. I didn't bring enough clothes to get stranded for a day? two days? many days?

But then the kindest driver took me to the hotel the airlines uses. It was beautiful and wonderful and on the banks of Lake Victoria. Okay Jesus, you win. You did all the things. I'll enjoy margaritas by the pool if you insist. Suddenly being stranded just wasn't so bad.

Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria, right outside the hotel.

Selfie at Lake Victoria.

Courtyard View.

View outside my window- like I said not so bad right?

Beach at Entebbe Zoo.

Beach at Entebbe Zoo.

Lions at the zoo.

Cheetah at the zoo.

It was beautiful.

Seriously beautiful.

My absolute FAVORITE.

So much love for elephants.

Elephant at Entebbe Zoo.

So graceful.

Giraffes at Entebbe Zoo.

Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria.


Palms on the Bank of Lake Victoria.

Palms on the Bank of Lake Victoria.

Palms on the beach in Uganda.

Palms on the beach in Uganda.

Palms on the beach in Uganda.
Alright, I'll have a margarita by the pool if you insist.

Jesus-all of them, Laura-0.