January 15, 2011

Lots of Thoughts.

So last night I went to First Friday which is something my local church does on the first friday of every month. Sooo anyways, last night I went to hear James Barnett speak. I got the facebook invite and had never heard of him so I did what every good 21st century gal would do, I googled him.

James Barnett is a twenty something who started went on a mission trip to Nicaragua to work in the dump there, where people live and work (in an actual dump). While there he met a woman named Mrs. Ruby who revealed to him that obedience is not based upon what you don't do, it's based upon what you do do. Upon his return to the U.S. he sold all of his belongings, quite his fancy business job and bought a van. He took this van and went out onto the streets and lived with what Jesus called the "least of these". Through this he also started a non-profit called, "Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself" that raises money to buy clothing for the homeless who cannot afford clothes themselves. To help people make a new start.

Hearing him speak was beyond amazing. I was so convicted and so thoughtful. I tend to think that what I do has such a severe and meaningful impact all the time. When in reality? It doesn't. Not at all. Okay well I shouldn't say not at all because what I'm doing does matter but I'm selfish. I like to think I'm doing something great and meaningful but I'm not. I am so selfish and concerned with my life and what I'm doing. Hearing him speak was amazing and it definitely put things into perspective. The purpose in my life is not to get straight A's, not to be the very best at school. My life has a greater purpose, to love like God loved. And yes, right now that involves school. But that doesn't make school the most important thing. It just means that the people I'm around now while IN school are the people I need to be around now. He also said something that I thought was so interesting, he made the point that giving someone food or money doesn't necessarily help them, getting to know someone helps them.

Just something to think about tonight I guess, while I'm being thoughtful and artsy and (attempting) to redecorate my room!

If you wanna read more about James or his non-profit follow his blog here. Enjoy! :)

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