January 31, 2011


Hello lovelies!

I hope you all had a fantabulous weekend! I can say that though a little slow it provided a ton of laughter! It started out with me being a bum. There I said it. A B.U.M. Bum. But either way it ended with me and one of my bestie's, Em from over at Pink-Lilies going on a Bear Hunt. Yep you read that right. A Bear Hunt. As in this book from my childhood. Basically I had a project where I had to act out this book. So I called up Em and said what are you doing? Oh? You wanna go on a bear hunt with me? Suhweeeet! Cause that's what I wanted to do with you! So we went on a Bear Hunt. And of course we made a video. And it was long. And then of course when we got to actually filming the movie the camera battery was nearly dead. But that's alright our video? Soooo worth it!

So for your lovely viewing pleasure... our video :) Enjoy!

How'd you lovelies spend your weekend?


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