February 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

I'm baaaackkkkk! Finally. It has been too long! How's about I don't do so much school stuff and neglect you anymore kay? kay. Moving on...

It's Thursday! Meaning {of course} that awkward and awesome's have to come out! So if you have any make sure to post them in the comments below! I wanna hear 'em! Happy Awkward and Awesome Thursday! :)

- Interning this morning and having a 7 year old bop me on the head... in front of the principal {yikes- for him!}
- Working this afternoon and apologizing to a guy for all the yelling girls behind our front desk- his response was "I'm okay with that".... awkward.
- Being in a communal bathroom to hear 2 girls discussing living arrangements and saying this very building where you live and work is the worse one to live in... [but at least it's social] butttt then you walk out of the stall...
- Again working at today and having a girl come to pick up her package...and having her almost hand me her fake ID. Then quickly taking it back and saying "Oh that's my sisters ha ha ha". {Ha. No. No it's not but I'm so flattered you think I'm so young that I wouldn't know that. Really Thanks. ha!}

- Planning bible study today {I know it's up there every week but seriously folks, these planning sessions are aweeeesomeeeee!}
- Being able to see a lovely lady Twice this week! Yippee!
- Doing a whole hour class of turbo kick last night. Get it.
- RA Appreciation day and the wonderful staff bonding and mochi time we got. Yes!
- Free dinner tonight! Holllllllaaaaaaa!
- Seeing a best friend from high school this weekend AND getting to go on a weekend retreat Yes!

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