February 17, 2011


Okay sooo maybe it's a little bit old {as in from LAST weekend} but whatev's. It's been a crazy week and last weekend was so wonderful and it must [read MUST] be documented.

So the weekend started out by the fact that I got to go home! Homehomehome! Lovely stuff folks anddd I also got to EAT IN CINDERELLA'S CASTLE, Disney World. whoaaaza! And then we MET PRINCESSES! Guys- it was ahhhhhhh.maaaaaaa.azinggggg. for real. I could really NOT have had a better weekend. At all. And I got to celebrate these 2 lovelies birthday's.

Really. It was wonderful. I love my family [have I mentioned that yet?] And I got to wander around stores with my best friend friday night [I know, exciting aren't we?] It was like wonderful summer all over again. Which is what this spring weather is making me dream of! Here's some sights from the weekend.

Hope you're having a good week.
xoxo, Lo

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