February 18, 2011

Some food for Thought

So I stumbled across this blog at least a year ago, before it ever crossed my mind to become a blogger {ha. look at me now} and I read it pretty frequently. It's full of such insightful information. And on that note the other day I decided to check up on it and came across this Lovely Post. She talks about the curse of childbearing upon women from the fall of man of Adam and Eve. She also mentions how the curse of childbearing does not only fall upon those women who are bearing children. She talks about how relationships for women are overall just more painful for women. As women we feel a lost whenever any friendship or relationship ends, more so than men. That is apart of our curse we feel more, especially in regards to men in our life, guy friends, dads, uncles, boyfriends. It really opened my eyes to what I, as a woman, struggle with. So check it out. She's pretty awesome.

Happy Friday Loves! :)

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