February 8, 2011


This lovely weekend folks i did {insert drumroll here} nothing. Yep that's right. You heard it here first I am a real live college student who's entire goal this weekend was to do nothing. This was helped along by the fact that I had to stay in for my job but none the less, it was delightful. I did absolutely nothing {that includes minimal homework, oops!}, watched part of Inception, handled a flood, worked on a group project, built a model, and did not changing out of my PJ's. Awesomeness I tell you! That kind of weekend should be mandatory for everyone at least once a month. Buttt moving on...

Doing absolutely nothing {or at the least very little} this weekend totally has come back to bite me in the bum. I feel like I've been working like a mad woman these past 2 days in order to catch up! Too much I tell you! All I can say is I am looking forward to the weekend... And maybe some best friend time?!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! :)

xoxo, Lo

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