March 28, 2011


Dear little bloggie,

I'm so sorry that I have been ignoring you lately. I have started so many posts only to save them and keep on with my life. I haven't been updating you and loving on you like I wanted to. I promise I'll start to take better care of you soon. But mostly this is why I've ignored you: Insert Art Project Disaster 2011. I don't draw bloggie. I don't. I love keeping up with you and doing crafts and pretending to be artsy with my photography and dreaming. But drawing? Not so much. Here's the end of Self-Portrait Disaster of 2011:

There it is folks. My "self- portrait". Personally? I don't see it. But hey at least this week it has a face! It may or may not have taken me 4 weeks to get a face on that sucker... but hey! it works. Oh and the green is a shading technique we learned about.. I'm not usually green. Promise! So the moral of this story dear blog, is that I promise to try and stop ignoring you now. I really do.
xoxo, Lo

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