March 4, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday... on Friday!

- Having awkward and awesome Thursday on a Friday {or is that just awesome?!}
- Being at the pool today and seeing 2 guys doing workout excerises around the pool... as everyone else swam or laid out. People, there is a GYM upstairs.. silly boys.
- Being at the pool today and getting a SUNBURN. owwwww!

- Boys in speedos. Enough said.

- Seeing my momma tomorrow! :) :) :)
- Being mostly done with classes for the week.
- MEXICO. 6 days. YES.
- Seeing my best friend's cute new hair-do! She looks oh so cuteee!
- Having some lovely girl time with the wonderful bride to be Jess and all of her lovely bridesmaids. {Love those girls!}

Happy Friday!
xoxo, Lo


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