April 5, 2011


Okay here's some nitty gritty truth.

Sometimes I feel absolutely hopeless. If we're being frank with one another, I am a fixer. I like to fix things. If my friends are struggling, I like to be able to help them fix it. But here's the catch: I'm not Christ. I'm not a Savior. I can't fix people. It's not my job. And sometimes? It breaks my heart. I'm heartbroken not knowing how to help. I want to give out hugs and just make the world okay but that's not always possible. And so here I am, sitting at my desk on a Tuesday night, nearly in tears with my bible spread open listening to this song on constant repeat, trying to turn all the stress, worry, and concern over to God. That's all you can do sometimes, turn it over to God. But that can be a struggle, especially if you just want to tell a person and get a hug. But here's to telling God, the true Savior and fixer of the world.

God, You're AWESOME. And thanks.

xoxo, Lo

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  1. I know what this feels like, girl. I see my friends go through a lot of stuff that is really hard. And all I want to do is be able to make them feel better, give them some advice. But I don't have all of the answers. I can't just say, "its going to be okay," because I don't know if it will. But what I can do, is just be there. Sometimes, it's better just to give out a hug because there is no room for letting someone down in a hug. And knowing God is in it always makes these things better. Love your blog. you're such a sweet heart. :)


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