June 28, 2011

The day I thought I'd have...

Today is field trip day at Camp. So of course I thought I'd be going ice skating with tons of little 5 and 6 year olds. False. They must not like me, cause I sure wasn't on the list but hey whatev's. I'm an adult I can handle it. So instead we sat at camp all day on the "old people's bench" as we counselors dubbed it. Then we counselors balanced on a skinny wooden fence and tried to see who could make it the furthest around. I have got to have my camera around more for pictures of fun stunts like that.

Oh and on a random cute note. My campers are hilarious. Today I asked one of the boys to tie his shoes before we played basketball. He couldn't, so I did. I tied one and then asked him to find the laces from the other shoe so I could tie them. He took off the shoe and looked for them. Pulled one out, searched for the other and then jumped up and yelled "I've been robbed! Someone stole my other shoe lace!" hahahaha I laughed so hard I fell over and the kids all stared at me. I think I secretly love this job.

Happy Tuesday Folks.
xoxo, Lo

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