June 26, 2011


This weekend: Hung out with best friend, made plans, broke plans, went shopping at the outlet mall [holllllaaaaa sales!] Wanted to layout at the pool for the house the bestie and I were house sitting at, couldn't cause it rained. Watched movies. Took a walk. Ate tacos, lots and lots of tacos. Made the huuuuuge tub a make-shift jacuzzi. Laughed with Best friend, poured out heart to best friend. Fantastic weekend <3

I love love love her.

12 tacos for $10. All. Over. That.

This is the back of the car of the random guys who tried to get out while we are on the road at a light to talk to us. So much laughter.

Little Cup, big straw. Thank you, Del Taco.

Successful taco experience.

We ate tacos for 2 days. But it was so worth it. Thank goodness for summer weekends and best friends. :)
Hope you had a sweet weekend!
xoxo, Lo

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