September 24, 2011

September 6, 2011

Goodbye Summer.

After yesterday's Holiday I can't help feeling disappointed. It's like saying goodbye to your best friend until next year. Summer's over. Over. Done. Now I have months and months and months until it returns. Ironic because just this weekend I was so completely giddy about the upcoming fall. Now I just feel as if I lost something.

Hello crazy emotions, so glad of you to stay awhile.

But I really am disappointed. Summer's my favorite. I count down the days every year from about February to warmer weather and then enjoy and love every single one in between. Now it's over. Tears here please.

But with fall comes...
cooler weather.
and some different happiness.
Okay, I think I'm a bit better now.

Hope your Tuesday is significantly happier than I'm being!
xoxo, Lo

September 5, 2011


My camera cord has taken one for the count. It's out. Gone. Missing. I must have left it at home when I moved. Poo. I now get how PinkLouLou felt with her's gone. But I really promise I have all these wonderful pictures that I wanted to share. Buuuuut since I can't...

Moving along.

Attended first Gator game of the season. Lovely. It was so awesome to be back in the world of football with wonderful friends. [In a normal post I'd insert new pictures here buuuut seeing as I've lost the camera cord..] Here's a fave from last season :)

It twas awesome. And I did get to spend it with this lovely lady so it kinda counts right?
Hope you're spending labor day lazily :)
xoxo, Lo

September 3, 2011

A little bit of life.

So I still owe a real update once I find that darned camera charger but here's a few things that have happened.

1. Moving. Here we go Senior Year!
2. Training, training, training for the job.
3. Staff bonding.
4. Laughing.
5. Beginning my internship in a second grade classroom.
6. Birthday's [Mine too but I can't upload pictures yet!- soon to come]

So here's a crash course summary in photos.

[how one of the guys on staff accidentally threw away an elevator key]

Searching for the missing key.

Trash on the ground. And hopefully a key?

Early Sunday Mornings during training. creativitycreativitycreativity.

Staff bonding with togas. Bam.

Training is rough. We're such a good staff.

It's good to be back.

"Nasty inside do not move!"
Sooo of course....

Attempted moving. lovemystaff.

So for the time being all I have is Ipod photos. Which I need to remember to bring with me places for that purpose. Here's to hoping that I remember!
xoxo, Lo