January 19, 2012

Awkward and Awesome!

- The loofa falling completely apart in the shower and just unraveling as you desperately try to keep up and catch it.
- Talking to someone you know on campus... then walking the same direction afterwards...umm okay. Neither of us realized this and now it's awkward. Acknowledge andddd walk away. Don't make it more awkward than it needs to be people.
- Sitting on your friend's bed and nearly into that rather small gap between the edge of the bed and the wall. Alllmost.
- Walking to the car, and right through the mud. Flip-flopped foot and all... then getting into your friend's car. Yep. That was fun.

- Amazing friends. But, seriously, the best. friends. ever. I am so so lucky.
- Girls' Night in the middle of the week. And sweatpants. And sitting in bed talking.
- Realizations.
- Doing things for me!
- Care packages from home! Whaaaat whaaaaat!
- Redneck wine glasses. People. These are amazing. We mayyyyy have discussed making them and creating our own business. Possibly. Go big or go home right? Don't you wanna make them now!? So. Klassy. [Yes, klassy with a K, it happens people.]

Happy Thursday!
xoxo, Lo

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