January 22, 2012


Real life: It has been a seriously rough week, also a surprisingly good week. I have been learning so much buuuuut a rough week none the less. So come to this weekend I was a little burnt out. One of my best friend's convinced me to go to Publix with her saturday. I finally agreed only to be wandering through the store to find MY BEST FRIEND. Oh heyyyyyy! Seriously how did I ever get so lucky?

The best friends in the world.

She planned all week to help the three of us reunite for the weekend.

She drove all the way up to surprise me and hangout this weekend. Love.

These crazy kids knew I'd been having a rough week and had been plotting on surprising me with L's presence all week. Wowza. Seriously love them. It was wonderful. And wonderful to have the three of us back together again. In the real world this rarely happens anymore. So thankful. So lucky. Had such a silly loving weekend. Lots of girl time, party parties, silly laughter,serious discussions and productivity for a cause:

People Awareness week board! TOMS.

To be loved by best friends is the absolute best.
What more could a girl ask for?

Hope your weekend was just as spectacular!
xoxo, Lo

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