February 13, 2012

Fear? Conquered.

I love teaching. As nerdy as that sounds I really honestly do. And today we got to go to the Ropes course. Which is exactly what it sounds like. I climbed up on a huuuuggeeeee log [similar to the one in the picture] and then only attached to a little rope and harness I walked out and across a log. Now would be a fair time to mention that I'm not the most fond of heights. But repelling down to the ground was so worth the fear. What a rush.

Next item on the list skydiving? Any takers? We'll see if I make it that far.
xoxo, Lo

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  1. hi there! i noticed you are participating in frock stock's march of the bloggers as well! thought i'd come visit your site! i just love your blog! i look forward to seeing what you share!

    p.s. i'm not a fan of heights but definitely want to try skydiving at some point in my life!



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