February 2, 2017

18 Days Later

So from the title of this post you would think I'm on the way to Uganda, Africa. But as with most things in life and especially in Africa, time has the nasty habit of getting away from you.

18 days. The last post I did was 18 days before taking my life all the way to Uganda, Africa. Now here we are 18 days in country. I wish I had the words to accurately describe how I feel about that. How wonderful and exciting and magical it feels. While at the same time how terrifying, and lonely and scary it feels to have 18 days under my belt with months left to go. Since I’m not sure I have enough words we’re celebrating by bringing back Awkward and Awesome Thursday’s on the blog! So it works out perfectly that 18 days falls on a Thursday. And that I’ve had so many awkward and awesome moments since being back in Uganda.

  •          Getting tangled up in my beautifully fancy mosquito net the first night here in the hotel, so much so that the whole thing collapsed on my bed at 4am. AWESOME. Thank goodness for rooms with 2 beds.
  •         Anytime you want to exit a conversation in Uganda. It’s 10 minutes of goodbyes that go in a loop that I haven’t even figured out how to get out of gracefully. My new goal is to get out after 5 minutes instead of 10. #goals
  •          No longer having a name outside of Muno or Mzungu.
  •          Selfies with the kids at the village, no matter how many times we try. We’re still working on it.

  •          Being back in Uganda with time to leisurely adjust and get in the Ugandan rhythm.
  •          Getting to see the kiddos again. Seriously heartwarming. And they are so grown up now!
  •          Finding a little American cafĂ© and having a chocolate milkshake and pizza for lunch. PRAISE HANDS ALL DAY.
  •          Having a fan that will blow all day and night. Not sure how I survived without one last time I was here. 
  •      Getting to look at some of these faces everyday. 

 Here's to more consistent internet and blogs! 

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