March 1, 2017

How Shoe Shopping Almost Killed Me: A Memoir

Recently I had the privilege of taking some of our Secondary School Boys Shoe Shopping. Now, I’m not trying to brag but I’m a shoe shopping QUEEN. No seriously check out my closet in America or ask my family it’s a real struggle. So obviously I jumped into this task with the gusto of a true and seasoned pro.

JOKES ON JOKES PEOPLE. Okay seriously I am way too good at shoe shopping but taking 7 teenage boys is an entirely new level. Add to the fact that we’re shoe shopping in Uganda and it’s a rough time. [Read: in Uganda they don’t organize shoes by size or number, they just have them lined up along the wall]. So I unknowingly enter into a second hand shoe store with 7 teenage boys, all with different styles and opinions, none of whom know what size shoe they wear. JESUS BE NEAR.

Yet I had the best time, minus the disaster we left behind and the horrible stench of shoe polish [Is it possible to get high off of shoe polish? Cause I might have been by the end #oops]. Watching these boys that were once living homeless on these very streets pick out something they not only needed but liked was so touching. Even if I do feel bad we straight up left that store looking like the Tasmanian devil had swept through. I’m sure this is how all moms feel when taking kids out in public right? Seriously I salute you. 


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