March 2, 2017

On Thursday's We're Thankful

You know those weeks where you can barely believe it’s been only been a week because you’re fairly confident you’ve lived 34892084 lives in those 7 days? Yeah that’s where we are this week. On Monday I thought it was Wednesday so that gives you a clue about how this was gonna go. But I wouldn’t say it was full of bad days, just days that were extra long in their own accord.
So here are some of my thanksgivings that have been all over the place.
  •          RAIN. I can’t say this enough. This Florida girl is SO HAPPY when it rains! And the fact that it cools down by 20-30 degrees afterwards sure doesn’t hurt either ;)
  •          Power. Jesus has been so good and kept power on through some of these rains and that makes me so so thankful. Power= fans, lights, wifi, charging and all of those are worth being thankful for!
  •          WATER. We spent 48 hours (roughly) without running water early this week and having it back reminds me to be SO THANKFUL. A majority of Ugandans don’t have that luxury and I am so grateful our house is one that does.
  •          A new community that willingly steps in to stop people from up charging me because of my skin color, helps me navigate town, and keeps me away from the crazy stranger on the street when he decides to befriend the Mzunugu.
  •          American friends that are willing to make Guacamole and Salsa with you and call it dinner. While watching Gilmore Girls [what could be better?]
  •          LETTUCE LETTUCE LETTUCE! Wasn’t it just last week I mentioned how I’d been dreaming about lettuce? Jesus is cool when He surprises us with the little stuff.  
  •          Getting to go visit some of my favorite boys at secondary school this weekend!
  •          HOT WATER IN THE MIDDLE OF UGANDA PRAISE HANDS ALL DAY. Seriously it was so hot I had to put it back on icy cold because- burning.
  •          A real towel that actually dries things instead of just moving water around on them.

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