April 4, 2017

Awkward + Awesome + An Update

  • Being sick at all in Uganda. Enough said. 
  • When you're sick and a very sweet and caring person offers to take you to the hospital here but the only way that is happening is literally over my dead body because you've seen that place and you're never going back. Okay? Okay. 
  • Learning I’m apparently going to have give up pizza cause my stomach can’t take cheese now. DUMB.
  • Ugandan cheese in general HAHAHAH NO.
  • Four hours to cook dinner- I’m so not about that life.
  • Still not having a dresser- EVEN AFTER HE WAS ARRESTED OMG.
  • Not being able to go down one road in town cause Fred had that man arrested. AVOID AVOID AVOID.
  • Time management in Uganda- ha.
  • My body’s new thing where it hates all food. Okay cool. That’s fine. Water is great. It’s not like Jesus is the BREAD OF LIFE OKAY. Not water of life, just saying.
  • My new inability to fall asleep til the wee hours of the morning. Cool. 

  • T-10 days days til I'm back in Florida. 
  • When the radio works in the van.
  • Talking to two of your besties in the same week. BOOM.
  • Days to sleep in.
  • Friends that are also American doctors who will check you out and give you good meds from the States.
  • Searching and sending allllll the recipes to everyone at home so they know how this furlough is going to go.
  • Headphones so when you binge a new show on Netflix and you discover it’s basically not at all child friendly you can still watch it. I’m addicted, sue me.
  • My planner. For being a serious boss and making it through the Ugandan struggle.
  • Okay I’m stretching this week, is it horribly obvious? I just want to be home y’all.
  • T-Minus one week until I’m driving out of Lira!


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