April 5, 2017

On Top of the World

This one time I forgot I don't have skills and when Rachel called and asked if I wanted to hike Ingretta I said yes. 

No worries I only almost fell off the side once. Kidding. Kind of. Okay not really that did happen [see photographic evidence]

I did almost slide down the side of the thing and I have bruises and scraps along my body to prove it BUT the picture is reenacted. Mostly because when I slid it was a need to handle immediately situation, though we still laughed, once I stopped sliding down the side of the mountain. And I learned that though it looks like a cute little hill in pictures it was a serious climb.

I'm from Florida okay? The biggest climb we make is the sand dunes on the way back from the beach.

The view from the top? Totally worth it. And it was significantly cooler with a pretty sweet breeze, which in Uganda is basally the closest you'll get to air conditioning. And I only got a *minor* second degree sunburn because apparently I still don't know I'm pale. Oh the struggles.

Still totally worth it.

Halfway up.

From the very topmost point! 
Not pictured: me pretty convinced I'm dead and still trying to take a selfie. Ya know, priorities.

Steven + Rachel. #cuties

Just hanging my feet of the edge of a cliff.

Because Yoga seemed like a good idea.

Hi ridiculously posed photo.

A little more accurate depiction of the struggle.


Just spending some time at the top.It was seriously higher than it looks.

How I almost fell off part 2.

Just hanging my feet of the edge of a cliff.


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