June 27, 2017

Awkward + Awesome

  • Hearing a crash in your room, running in with your flatmate to see.... nothing... and then realizing THERE IS A RAT IN THE CEILING. JESUS BE CLOSE. 
  • Creepily looking up to the crack in the roof every time you enter the bathroom because you now have a real fear a rat will fall from the sky. 
  • Hearing any noise at all that you automatically assume is a rat. 
  • Dramatically throwing the door to the bathroom open because you think you'll catch the rat in a moment like Ratatouille the movie. 
  • Obviously having a fixated problem this week right?
  • Getting stopped on our run for a guy to ask, "Madams may I attack you for a moment?" We obviously don't know the actual meaning of the word attack I'm guessing? Ummm no you cannot. *Cue walking faster*.

  • Daily workouts with my flatmate. 
  • Being such good friends with her as well! 
  • Being able to cook. Even if cheese is non-existent here. 
  • My family officially and finally having plane tickets! 
  • Boiled Peanuts (or at least an attempt at them)! 
Sharon is such a cutie.

Watching the football match.

Watching the football match.

These guys love taking photos [Denis].

Peter at his Engagement.

Feeding our new boys.

Reading with Jerrod.

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