June 22, 2017

Happy + Thankful + Blessed

I honestly feel like being thankful is something I’ve been jumping on this week. Upon my return from the States a little apartment opened up in town on a secure (and Mzungu approved) compound. So I moved into my own little place, sharing a kitchen with my so wonderful flat mate from Australia and immediately we are cooking dinner together, sharing life and taking up running.

I got to come back to a place where I already had some good friends and knew the community. I got to come back to work with kids I adore and jump back into life in Uganda.

My little place is attached to a local café that has a generator attached so when power goes out (which is still does frequently) it takes a minute and then we’re back on. I can get work accomplished no matter the weather or the Ugandan factor. It’s a week full of blessings. And after my first three months I’m so thankful. Truly. 

Cutie at the soccer match.

Peter at his engagement ceremony!

Kennedy posing for his close up. 

Jerrod (one of our newest additions) when we first met him.

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