June 20, 2017

Awkward + Awesome

  • Driving through town and a topless woman reaching in the window and pulling out a hunk of my hair. Yes this is exactly what happened. No I am not exaggerating even a little. WHAT IS LIFE HERE.
  • When you take up running with your flatmate and suddenly every Ugandan decides they want to try and run with you. Just no.
  • Getting hailed on and rained on during yet another walk. Which is fine. Except we were 3 miles out... 3 miles of rain + hail. YAY SO FUN. 

  • A new place of my own- HUZAHH!
  • Sharing a kitchen with one fabulous lady and getting to cook dinner together every night. COMMUNITY ROCKS Y’ALL.
  • Upcoming trip planning.
  • Having a known community and not feeling so alone in the middle of Africa.
  • A God that has already started blessing my crazy planner heart and dropping nuggets of knowledge about what’s next on me [even if they are straight up terrifying].
  • Having my own place- did I already mention that? 😉
  • A kitchen with a legit fridge and stove!
  • A generator for when the power goes out so we’re never in the dark for long.
  • Hot showers after you’ve run three miles in the rain.
Walter + photo inception.
Stephen at pool day.

Sharon loving pool day!

Daniel is full of style.

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