February 3, 2011

Today is Thursday... Let's be Awkward and Awesome!

- Waking up MULTIPLE times last night to thunder outside my window (okay so it's not awkward, just annoying)
- Line dancing when you have to take turns holding hands... with everyone.
- Riding a mechanical bull. {Yes you read that right... riding a mechanical bull}
- Going to my internship this morning and being soaked from running to the car in the rain
- Driving to same said internship and seeing roadkill in the middle of the road...and all it's blood and guts across the road {Yuck}

- Going to a Hoedown tonight with some of my favorites! Yippeeee! :)
- Interning this morning and then coming back to my nice warm room out of the cold rain and staying there allll dayyy longggg.
- Not having classes today or tomorrow! Whoop Whoop!
- Going with my lovely engaged friend tomorrow morning to her dress fitting!
- Being stuck in my room all weekend with creativity abounding
- Having this sweet little blog. It makes me smile :)

Any awkward and awesome's lovelies?
xoxo, Lo

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