June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

- Dinner at a table with your ex-boyfriend. Enough said!
- Recalling a story about your best friend and this guy from your church who asked her out... and then said guy is across the room! Ekkkkkkk!
- Dreaming about ex-boyfriends.
- Waking up to a phone call from our city's recreation department. Seeing their number on the caller id. Running to wake up my sister [Cause i'm hoping they are calling her for a job!] we both run to the answering machine. They leave a message. For me. Only. Fail.
- Deciding to be healthy and then eating a plate of fried mozzarella sticks and fried dino nuggets for dinner. Fail.

- Seeing my best friend from middle school tomorrow. Holla.
- Getting my summer job back. Win!
- Dino Nuggets. [Seriously, why did we ever stop eating these?!]
- Reading books every day this week.
- Getting books and CD's in the mail.
- Writing letters. I love writing letters! Anyone wanna be my pen-pal? It would be awesome I promise! :)
- Tomorrow is Friday.
- Best friend's birthday is Saturday! Yippeppeeeeee! :)

Happy Thursday Folks! Be awkward and awesome!
xoxo, Lo

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