January 11, 2012


I'm seriously SHAKING with excitement right now. Just got out of an interview with a former instructor all about teaching internationally, which is my dream. He interviewed me for one of his projects as a student who wants to go into international teaching. And after the interview he told me "off the record" that after talking to me he was more than 110% confident that I could get hired straight out of college without any experience. PEOPLE, this is a HUGE deal. International schools at a minimum usually require 2 years of experience. He also told me that when we first talked about it last fall that he wasn't completely sure I would make it, that I could with some work but that he had not been sure. Now, he was completely moved. I'm absolutely floored. Shaking with excitement. Can't even believe that. What a compliment.

See one of these schools here.

I just wanna go abroad now. Can that happen?

I mean, can you imagine teaching at a school on this Island!? I die. That would be amazing. Whatta way to wake up!

Hope you're Wednesday was just as full of good news!
In other good news: Happy Hump Day!

xoxo, Lo

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